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Professional Tax Debt Relief - Chicago

Our team of licensed tax professionals offer proven tax debt relief solutions to settle your IRS problems for good

If you are an individual or business owner in Chicago or any surrounding area struggling with IRS debt, it's crucial that you consult a professional tax debt relief company that can get results.  With the help of our in-house team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals, you will have a team of seasoned tax experts on your side to pursue the best possible tax relief options that will settle your tax debt, and keep your assets and wages safe from collections.

Pure Tax Resolution is a professional tax help company built on customer service and results.  Founded in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, our firm is dedicated to providing transparent communication, fair pricing, and proven results for our Illinois clients.  Our firm is unique from many other tax relief marketers you encounter on the TV, internet and radio that are only looking to farm out our tax case. Pure Tax consists of in-house tax professionals that work directly with our Chicago clients, and strive every day to deliver proven tax debt relief services with exceptional customer service.  If you are a Chicago area taxpayer seeking professional tax debt relief without the gimmicks or drama, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb today!



Proven Tax Debt Relief Solutions

IRS Back Tax Help

Back taxes are the foundation of most IRS problems, and must be addressed promptly and properly in order to protect you and your family's financial future.  The IRS takes back tax debt very seriously, and will exercise harsh measures to get what is owed to them.  At the end of the day, time is your worst enemy with back tax debt. Not pursuing professional IRS back tax help will result in accruing penalties, and eventually your assets and wages being compromised.  The solution is to contact our office today and get connected with our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents that will evaluate your tax debt case and provide a back tax settlement plan to settle your tax debt and keep your assets and wages safe.

Tax Relief Lawyers

When dealing with complicated tax debt problems, a licensed tax lawyer is your best option for tax debt relief.  Tax law professionals possess skills and privileges that your every day tax accountants and CPAs can't provide.  Our team of licensed tax lawyers are experts in negotiating tax settlements with the IRS for Chicago taxpayers, and know how to exercise the US tax codes in our client's favor.  

Wage Garnishment Relief

Wage garnishment or levies are extreme cases where the IRS exercises a collection against your wages or levies your assets.  In these scenarios, the taxpayer or business has simply ignored their tax debt liability and the IRS takes action to collect what is owed to them. If you are a Chicago area taxpayer that wants to avoid having your assets or wages compromised, or are currently victimized by a garnishment or levy, we invite you to contact our office right now so we can explore options to stop wage garnishment and settle your tax debt.

IRS Audit Relief

When facing an IRS audit of any kind, personal or business, having the right representation on your side is crucial to negotiating the audit and avoiding detrimental problems. If you are a Chicago area individual or business facing an audit of any degree, let our team of tax relief professionals represent you with the IRS to properly settle your audit and avoid them moving forward.

Business Tax Relief and Consulting

Our firm is here to help Chicago area businesses of any shape or size settle IRS problems and maintain healthy tax compliance. From rectifying tax filing issues, to settling payroll tax debt and navigating audits, our team of licensed business tax relief professionals are one-stop resource for local businesses looking to settle tax problems and remain profitable.

International Tax Services

Our tax relief specialties also include international tax consulting for Chicago area residents with offshore assets.  To ensure your FATCA and FBAR filings are compliant, it's important to consult with an international tax attorney that knows the ever-changing international tax regulations and can keep your offshore investments compliant. Contact our office today to learn more about our international tax specialties.

Free Consultations for your Tax Debt Relief Needs

We are an all-inclusive tax debt relief firm for Chicago area residents, and are available right now to discuss your needs. Contact our office today for a free consultation, we offer up-front pricing, transparent communication, and proven results!


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