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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions - Chicago, IL

Chicago back tax forgiveness

Our experienced tax law professionals secure proven back tax settlement programs for Chicago-area taxpayers to properly settle IRS back taxes

IRS back taxes can spell doom for Illinois taxpayers, especially if they are not aware of the danger they are in. Even the most minimal IRS back tax debt can snowball out of control if a viable IRS back tax forgiveness solution isn't pursued, resulting in unwavering tax penalties and your assets being in danger. If you are an Illinois taxpayer in the Chicago-area burdened with IRS back taxes, Chicago Pure Tax is your solution for proper IRS back tax help. Whether an individual or business owner of Cook or DuPage County, our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents are equipped to negotiate a convenient settlement program that will alleviate your back tax problems for good.


Convenient IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

Depending on the nature of your IRS back taxes and financial situation, we can offer a IRS back tax forgiveness strategy that best suits you:

Correcting and Filing Back Tax Returns

As many cases of back tax debt stem from misfiled, or unfiled tax returns, we first look at correcting those delinquent returns for you.  Our team of CPAs and Accountants help our Chicago clients rectify their tax filing issues, which helps sets the stage to reducing tax debt, settling tax debt, and protecting our client's assets from collections.

IRS Installment Plan

The most viable and common of the back tax forgiveness options, our tax attorneys can negotiate an IRS installment plan, which normally entails reducing your tax liability, and securing an affordable installment plan where you pay off your tax deliquency over time.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

With the representation of an experienced and licensed tax attorney, you may qualify for an Offer In Compromise, where the IRS agrees to accept less than you owe in order to reach a quicker settlement. This IRS back tax forgiveness option is ideal for Chicago taxpayers with significant amounts of back tax debt. Our team of tax law professionals are experts at securing OIC programs for our Chicago clients.

Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

In cases of severe financial hardship, where a taxpayer with back tax debt has limited income, an CNC determination is a viable option. Achieving this IRS back tax forgiveness option begins with consulting with a tax help professional to determine if you indeed qualify. If you are a Cook or DuPage County taxpayer with back tax debt and are unable to live a comfortable lifestyle and pay off your back taxes at the same time, we may be able to secure a CNC for you.


Learn More About Your IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Options

Whether an individual or business owner with large or small IRS back tax debt, we believe the hard-working taxpayers of Chicago deserve a professional source for IRS back tax forgiveness. Forget about the uncertainty of working with the faceless IRS tax help firms you encounter on the TV/Radio, Chicago Pure Tax Resolution offers FREE consultations, 24 hour availability for our clients, flat up-front pricing, and exceptional customer service from start to finish! Contact us today to have a conversation with our President, Tim Halcomb, and get the back tax help you need today.


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