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IRS Tax Attorney Representation - Tax Lawyers serving Chicago, IL

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Our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys provide expert IRS representation to properly settle tax problems for Chicago-area residents

If you are a Chicago-area individual or business with tax debt or penalties, it's ideal that you consult with an IRS tax attorney to reach the best settlement possible. Only a licensed tax attorney possesses the complicated knowledge and IRS negotiation skills needed to properly settle your tax problems.  Pure Tax Resolution has an in-house team of professional and friendly tax attorneys that can represent your best interests to reduce and eliminate your tax debt. Our dedicated tax attorneys and enrolled agents negotiate with the IRS and/or State of Illinois to achieve a tax resolution that suits your needs. We offer our clients peace of mind knowing they can contact our IRS tax lawyers any time, available when our Chicago clients need them!

The Advantages Our Tax Attorneys Offer

Privileged Communications

Tax attorneys go through years of school and training to earn the privileges of communicating with the highest IRS or State Treasury authorities.  By having our licensed tax lawyers on your side, you have a professional working on your behalf, exercising unique IRS communication privileges to settle your tax problems.

Not Intimidated by the IRS

Although communicating with the IRS can be a very intimidating task for a Chicago taxpayer, a licensed IRS tax lawyers knows the ins-and-outs of federal and state tax codes, giving them a unique advantage with negotiating with the IRS.

Expert IRS Negotiations

As seasoned tax law professionals, our in-house tax lawyers know how to properly negotiate with the IRS in favor of our clients. They understand each taxpayer and case is different, and provide expert IRS representation to the unique needs of our Chicago clients.

Ethics & Customer Service

There are too many shady tax law firms and marketers that can't deliver on their promises, making it harder for Chicago taxpayers to find professional tax help they can trust.  For any Chicago area resident that contacts us, our tax attorneys and the rest of our staff guarantee to deliver honest and transparent answers, and up-front pricing for all of our services.  When contacting Chicago Pure Tax, you can expect professional tax help with superior customer service.


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No matter the nature or severity of your tax problem, the experienced IRS tax lawyers at Pure Tax Resolution are ready to provide the expert tax help and superior customer service you expect.  Contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free consultation.

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