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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Tax Attorney Representation - Naperville, IL

Tim Halcomb

Are you a taxpayer of Naperville or DuPage County, IL struggling with IRS tax issues?

IRS tax problems are a reality for individuals and businesses in Naperville and all DuPage County communities. If you are a taxpayer in the Naperville-area and are suffering from IRS back taxes or tax issues of any kind, Pure Tax Resolution is your source for convenient IRS back tax forgiveness solutions.  We have helped hundreds of taxpayers across Illinois secure affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plans and other tax resolution strategies, backed by our in-house team of licensed tax attorneys.

The President of Pure Tax Resolution, Tim Halcomb, understands the stress and consequences involved with IRS tax problems, and takes pride in personally working with every client from start to finish, until their IRS or State tax problems are settled for good.  Our firm was built on foundation of customer service and results, benefits the faceless "1-800" tax relief firms in Illinois fail to deliver.


IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Options

No matter the age or severity of your IRS back tax issues, our team of licensed tax attorneys can help you secure any number of convenient and affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plans:

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

Simliar to a plea deal or court settlement, the IRS is very flexible when it comes to negotiating tax settlements in order to find a resolution as quick as possible. An Offer In Compromise is a very attractive back tax forgiveness option, where the IRS agrees to accept less than the taxpayers total tax debt amount. To secure this option, only a licensed tax professional like the experts at Pure Tax Resolution have the power to negotiate with the proper IRS officials, and present your case to secure this ideal tax settlement option.

Installment Plan

An installment plan is the most common IRS back tax forgiveness program, as it allows a taxpayer to pay off their tax liability in manageable monthly payments. During this period, any subsequent penalties or collections will be suspended, as long as you satisfy the terms of your payment plan.  Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents represent Naperville and Illinois taxpayers to find an affordable installment plan customized to their lifestyle.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

In some cases, a taxpayers many not be able to support themselves and/or their family while paying off their back tax debt. In circumstances where the taxpayer is facing significant financial hardship, the IRS may grant a CNC status, where their back tax obligation is suspended indefinitely. As you would expect, qualifying for this unique IRS back tax forgiveness program requires certain financial conditions, and the expert representation and negotiation of a licensed tax professional to arrange the financial records and present them properly.

Pursue IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Today

If you are a Naperville or DuPage County taxpayer struggling with IRS back taxes and need help settling them, we are here to have a discussion with you today. Beware, not taking action to settle your back taxes WILL lead to growing penalties, and eventually your assets or wages being targeted by the IRS.  Our team of licensed tax professionals are ready help you find a convenient and affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will settle your tax debt and keep your assets safe!

Call us today and speak directly with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation, and expect nothing but a positive experience!


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