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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Tax Attorneys - Aurora, Illinois

Tim Halcomb

Our team of licensed tax attorneys help taxpayers of Aurora, IL secure affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plans to reduce and settle back tax debt

Pure Tax Resolution, serving the entire Metropolitan Chicago area, helps Aurora, IL individuals and businesses reduce and settle back tax debt by securing effective IRS back tax forgiveness plans. If you are a local taxpayer experiencing tax debt, facing collections from the IRS, or want to take action to prevent tax debt problems, our in-house team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents are ready to speak with you today to evaluate your needs and construct a winning tax resolution strategy for you.

The President of Pure Tax Resolution, Tim Halcomb, make his client's welfare a priority by offering professional tax problem resolution with a personal touch. Tim, along with his dedicated team of licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents offer a unique approach to tax resolution that the faceless "1-800" tax gimmicks fail to provide. We have built our firm on results and customer satisfaction, and will continue to do so for Aurora and DuPage/Kane County taxpayers.

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Options

With the expert representation of our tax attorney professionals, you can secure an affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will reduce your tax liability, and keep you assets and wages safe from IRS collections:

IRS Installment Plans

If you are an Aurora taxpayer facing back taxes, and unable to pay them off in a lump sum, it's a high possibility that you will qualify for a monthly payment plan.  Our tax attorneys will represent you with the IRS to negotiate a manageable payment plan that will settle your back taxes over time, all while keeping the IRS off your back.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

An Offer In Compromise is a pretty common solution where the IRS forgives a portion of your tax debt amount in order to reach a faster settlement.  In order to qualify for an OIC, you must have significant amount of tax debt, and certain financial circumstances before the IRS considers you for this IRS back forgiveness program. Our licensed tax professionals will build your case and negotiate with the proper IRS officials to secure an OIC for you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

For Aurora area taxpayers with back taxes that are facing financial hardship, the IRS may consider you for a CNC determination. If you can prove that you are unable to financially support you or your family while paying off your tax debt, you may qualify for a CNC status where the IRS indefinitely suspends your tax debt obligation. To qualify for this IRS back tax forgiveness program, a tax attorney must know how to prepare and present your case to the IRS.

Other IRS Tax Help Solutions We Offer

Along with back taxes, there are a variety of other IRS problems Aurora taxpayers may encounter. Just like with resolving back taxes, having a licensed tax professional on your side is vital to properly settling any tax problem:

Tax Penalty Abatement

Tax penalties and interest, the ugly cousin of back tax debt.  The IRS slaps on these additional charges as a method to "encourage" back taxpayers to pay their tax debt in a timely manner.  Naturally, time is your enemy when facing tax debt, so consulting with a licensed tax attorney firm to reduce and settle your tax penalties is vital. Our team of tax professionals help Illinois taxpayers reduce and settle tax penalties through professional IRS penalty abatement.

Stop Wage Garnishment and Levies

The most important reason to resolve tax debt in a timely manner is the fact the IRS will seize your assets or wages if action is not taken.  If you are an Aurora or Illinois taxpayer experiencing a wage garnishment or levy, or would like to take the proactive steps to avoid them, our team of licensed tax attorneys will contact the IRS on your behalf today to stop wage garnishment and levies immediately.

Filing Delinquent or Erroneous Tax Returns

If you need help filing misfiled, or unfiled tax returns, our internal team of expert Accountants and CPAs can properly file your tax returns and get you back on track to IRS compliance.

IRS Audit Representation

IRS audits can strike at any moment. Some are relatively harmless (random selection), and some are a result of negligence or criminal misconduct on an individual's or business' tax returns.  If you are an Aurora of Illinois individual or business facing an IRS audit of any kind, we are available to have a conversation today to help you better understand your audit, and provide the IRS audit representation you need to properly settle the audit.

Business Tax Resolution

When owning a business, there are additional tax compliance issues a business owner must monitor closely.  When these tax obligations aren't fulfilled correctly, the IRS will penalize a business. If you are an Aurora or Illinois business owner facing payroll tax problems, worker classification, or any other business tax filing issue, our team of business tax professionals are at your service. In addition to settling business tax problems with the IRS, we can provide ongoing tax accounting, payroll, and financial management solutions to keep your business healthy and compliant.


Learn More About Our IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & IRS Tax Help Solutions In Aurora, IL 

Your tax problems won't resolve themselves, and the IRS shows no mercy to taxpayers that ignore their tax problems.  To reduce, settle, and avoid IRS tax problems, our team of licensed tax attorneys and accounting professionals are at your service for all your IRS tax help needs. Contact our office today for a free consultation, we look forward to helping you out of a difficult situation!

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