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Professional IRS Tax Help for Chicago Taxpayers

Are you a Cook or DuPage County taxpayer experiencing IRS problems?

Is the IRS threatening to seize your assets or wages?

Are you a local business owner in need of tax help & consulting for your business?

As a full-service tax help and consulting firm, Pure Tax Resolution is a trusted resource for Chicago area taxpayers seeking expert IRS tax help.  Serving individuals and businesses throughout Northern Illinois, our team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs take pride in helping local taxpayers settle their tax problems, and provide ongoing consulting to maintain healthy compliance.  Whether you are struggling with IRS back taxes, penalties, wage garnishments, audits, or any other IRS or State tax problem, we are available right now to discuss your options for professional IRS tax help.

Established in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, Tim is a veteran of the tax help industry of over 15 years.  Our fim was built on a foundation of proven results and customer service, a refreshing alternative to the faceless tax resolution gimmicks that flood the TV, radio, and internet.  We have helped hundreds of taxpayers properly settle their tax debt problems through personalized IRS tax help strategies, and are prepared to do the same for you as well.


IRS Tax Help Services

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Back taxes are the most typical tax problem that Chicago area taxpayers face, and really are the gateway to much more serious problems if not addresses promptly and properly.  With the diligent representation of our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents, we can secure any number of affordable IRS back tax forgiveness programs that will reduce and settle your tax debt while keeping your assets safe from collections.

Licensed Tax Attorney Representation

Every client we serve has the attention of our team of dedicated tax attorneys representing our clients with the IRS.  Our tax attorneys are all direct employees of Pure Tax Resolution, meaning you will have transparent communication with a familiar tax professional at all times, and your tax case will never be farmed out to the highest bidder.  Our tax attorney team offer an unique advantage to Cook and DuPage County individuals or business owners looking to reduce and eliminate their tax problems for good.

Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

When an IRS collection strikes, you might feel very vulnerable and unsure where to turn.  When being targeted for a wage garnishment or levy, it's vital to take action immediately, and consulting the proper IRS tax help to stop wage garnishment. With the professional representation of our team of licensed tax help professionals, you are equipping yourself with expert tax help that will stop wage garnishment, and resolve your tax debt.

IRS Audit Help & Representation

The outcome of any IRS audit depends on how you prepare for, and navigate the audit itself.  Having a licensed tax audit representative on your side will give you the best opportunity to minimize any potential hazards, and prevent audits moving forward. Our team of licensed tax attorneys and CPAs offer expert IRS audit help and representation for any Chicago area individual or business looking to successfully settle an IRS audit.

Business Tax Resolution & Consulting

With so many hard-working business owners in the Chicago area looking to make a profit and grow, we provide a complete suite of business tax resolution and consulting solutions. Experiencing payroll tax debt or any other business tax problem? Our business tax resolution experts will represent you with the IRS and settle them.  Need help managing your accounting, payroll, and tax filing?  Our CPAs and Accountants offer complete accounting and tax management solutions to keep your business healthy and compliant.

International Tax Services

For Chicago area residents with offshore assets or international employment matters, we offer a complete suite of international tax services, including FATCA and FBAR compliance, to international tax filing.

Learn More About Our IRS Tax Help Solutions

We take pride in being an all-inclusive IRS tax help resource for Chicago area taxpayers facing complicated tax problems of any kind.  In addition to providing expert tax resolution services, we strive to deliver the best possible customer service and communication for our clients. To see how our IRS tax help solutions can help you, contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation.


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