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Professional Tax Resolution Services of Chicago, IL

Tim Halcomb

"Chicago Pure Tax Resolution offers Chicago-area taxpayers proven IRS tax help with superior customer service. Our in-house team of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs work with Cook and DuPage County taxpayers to construct a personalized tax resolution strategy catered to their needs. When you contact us, you will speak with myself directly, and I will personally make sure you get the expert tax help you need to permanently settle your State or IRS tax problems. The consultation is FREE, Call (331) 212-4100 and expect nothing but a positive experience."

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Chicago Pure Tax Resolution

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

For any sum of back tax debt you may have, our licensed Chicago tax help professionals can help reduce your tax liability and secure any number of affordable IRS back tax forgiveness programs to settle your back tax debt.

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Tax Attorney Representation

Have a licensed, proven IRS tax attorney negotiate the best tax settlement for you. Our team of dedicated tax attorney professionals help Chicago taxpayers properly resolved complicated IRS problems.

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IRS Audit Help & Defense

When facing an audit, having professional IRS audit help on your side is crucial to resolving, and preventing IRS audits. Our licensed tax help experts help Chicago individuals and businesses properly settle IRS audits.

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Business Tax Resolution

To grow a successful business in Chicago, it's important to maintain proper tax compliance.  Our firm delivers comprehensive business tax resolution and consulting solutions to help Chicago businesses thrive.

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Are you a Cook or DuPage County taxpayer struggling with tax debt?

Is the IRS threatening to compromise your assets or wages?

Are you a Chicago business owner struggling with business tax problems?

If so, Chicago-area taxpayers now have a reliable solution to their tax debt problems.  If you are an individual or business owner in Chicago, Cook County, or DuPage County burdened by tax debt and penalties, it is absolutely crucial that you take action and pursue professional IRS tax helpThe tax resolution specialists of Chicago Pure Tax Resolution are dedicated to your tax resolution needs, and will work with you every step of the way until your tax problems are 100% settled.  Our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the expert knowledge and experience to negotiate with the IRS and/or State of Illinois on your behalf, and provide top-notch customer service until your ideal tax settlement is reached.  It's of the utmost importance that tax problems are handled in a timely manner, which is why our tax resolution experts are available 24 hours for our Northern Illinois clients.



With the help of our Chicago IRS tax help experts, you can secure any number of tax resolution options to settle your tax problems for good...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

To settle your back tax debt and protect your assets and wages, it's in your best interest to pursue the help of a licensed tax attorney that can secure any number of convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plans for you.  The licensed tax help experts of Chicago Pure Tax can help you qualify for a relief plan as early as today.


IRS Tax Attorney Representation

Any successful tax settlement at our firm is the result of our dedicated and seasoned tax attorneys working diligently on behalf of our Cook and DuPage County clients.  Our tax attorney represent our clients from start to finish, negotiating with the IRS or State of Illinois to reach the best possible tax settlement.


Stop Wage Garnishment & IRS Collections

For local taxpayers who are being targeted by the IRS for a wage garnishment, lien, or levy, our tax resolution experts have a solution to stop wage garnishment immediately. If your well-being is at risk due to IRS collections, we are ready to consult with you today to discuss your options for wage garnishment levy relief.


IRS Audit Help

Audits can strike at any moment, and not having the proper IRS audit help will only make matters worse. To help Chicago-area individuals and businesses settle, and prevent audits, our licensed tax attorneys and CPAs represent our clients to properly navigate the audits, and help avoid them moving forward.


Tax Penalty Abatement

For Chicago and Cook County taxpayers that need relief from accruing tax penalties and interest, tax penalty abasement is a viable solution. With the representation of our seasoned tax attorneys, you have a great chance in reducing, or even eliminating your tax penalties.


Business Tax Resolution and Consulting

For the Chicago area business owners that want to grow their business without having to worry about the pitfalls of tax debt, or payroll problems, Chicago Pure Tax has a solution. With the help of our dedicated team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Accounting professionals, we can construct a plan to settle any outstanding tax problems, and provide ongoing bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filing to keep your business healthy and thriving.


International Tax Relief & Consulting

For Chicago area residents with offshore assets, or international employment matters, we have expert international tax consultants and FBAR attorneys on staff that can provide any resolution or consulting need.


Learn More About Our Comprehensive Tax Resolution Services

For local individuals and businesses facing tax debt, or need help with their tax accounting and bookkeeping needs, we are an all-inclusive resource for taxpayers throughout Chicago, Cook, and DuPage County.  For a free consultation to learn more about our IRS tax help and consulting services, contact our office today for a free consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb.


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